A look into Sex Therapy from a Maori Worldview for Maori Clients Engaging them from our Original Maori Practices; Enhancing and Giving Insight to Non-Maori Practitioners in Sex Therapy.

Wi Waikari
Manuera Life Development Services Limited, Counsellor- Sex Therapist / Director/Cultural Advisor

Jenny Manuera
Manuela Life Development Services, Counsellor- Sex Therapist / Director/Cultural Advisor

Both Jenny Manuera & Wi Waikari have been developing a Maori world view form of Sex Therapy to engage Maori clients effectively. Manuera Life Development Service ltd, have developed a connection between historical belief systems in Te Ao Maori, within the realms of mythology and instructions given for a good healthy functional sexual relationships between the sexes. However, over time another idealogical belief systems has as... read more

Case History of a Disappearing Penis

Dr Margaret Redelman OAM
Private Practice, Medical Sexologist

There is often an assumption that an attractive successful man has attractive functional genitals. This is not always the case. This case presentation focuses on one man's journey as he deals with a very small penis which subsequently further retracts creating "female-like" genitalia. His condition is further compounded by low testosterone levels. This case presentation covers both psychosocial and medical aspects of ... read more

Clinical Case Studies

Dr Warrick White
Epsom Medical Centre, GP

Nic Beets
CoupleWork, Clinical Psychologist

Dr Margaret Redelman OAM
Private Practice, Medical Sexologist

This session will present three clinical case studies which will be discussed by a multidisciplinary panel. Delegate discussion will also be encouraged.... read more

Effective Intimacy? Looking at Outcomes of an Intimacy Focused Therapy Approach for Men with ‘Out Of Control’ Sexual Behavior

Karen Faisandier
Private Practice, Clinical Psychologist

Joanne Taylor
Psychology Department – Massey University,

Robyn Salisbury
Sex Therapy NZ. ,

Shane Harvey
Psychology Department – Massey University,

‘Out of control’ sexual behavior (OCSB) is an umbrella term to capture sexual behaviours associated with a perceived loss of control, distress, and impairment. Difficulties with intimacy are considered to be important to the development and maintenance of OCSB yet the small body of research into OCSB therapies has not included an intimacy-based therapy approach. Sex Therapy New Zealand (STNZ) uses such an approach which wa... read more

Erectile Dysfunction and Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms in Males: What Strategies Should we use?

Professor Marita McCabe
Institute for Health and Ageing, Australian Catholic University , Director

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS) are common problems experienced by men, particularly after middle age. There are a number of agents that can separately treat these problems. However, Cialis once a day has also been shown to be effective. This presentation will examine the data in relation to the effectiveness of Cialis once a day. There are a range of psychological problems that both contribut... read more

Facilitated Sex for Adults with Disability: Sexual Right and Disability Accommodation

Dr Russell Shuttleworth
Deakin University, Senior Lecturer

Dr George Taleporos
Deakin University, Researcher

For adults with disability (AWD) just as for those without, sexual expression is an important aspect of life and is integral to their self-concept, body image, self-esteem and mental, physical and social health. However, for AWD there can be many barriers to sexual expression. For some people with physical limitations, it may be difficult to express themselves sexually or participate in sexual activities without assistance fro... read more

Helping People with Sexual Problems: Looking Back Over 30 Years Working in Sexual Medicine

Jane Howard
Lilian Cooper Centre, Doctor

This paper will outline changes over my 30 years practice in sexual medicine in Australia. Changes in Australian sexual attitudes were probably accelerated by the availability of oral contraception in the 1960s and the HIV epidemic which began in the early 1980s. Social discourse about sex and the availability of sexual information for both the public and health professionals increased. in large part due to the technology rev... read more

Introducing Sexual Medicine to Pakistan- An Historical Opportunity?

Stephen Adams
Integrated Sexual Health, Medical Director

I was recently invited to lecture in Karachi and Lahore both within the medical schools as well as keynote speaker to a wider medical audience. I also had the opportunity to conduct clinics consulting patients with sexual dysfunction. Pakistan is one of the most sexually repressed countries in the world and lecturing and working in the field presented interesting observations and challenges.... read more

Keynote: Gender Dysphoria

Dr Eli Coleman
Department of Family Medicine and Community Health, University of Minnesota , Director of the Program in Human Sexuality

... read more

Kinky Clients and How to Work with Them

Tanya Koens
Surry Hills Therapy, Sex Therapist

Do you know how to work with clients that participate in alternative sexual activities? Such as: BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Domination, Submission, Sadism, Masochism), Role Play, Fetishes, Cross Dressing and more. What to understand when working with clients that engage in kink and fetish practices Discussion on working with clients with different sexual values to your own Safe, Sane and Consensual Framework for therapy... read more

New Treatments for Vasculogenic ED – Shock Wave Therapy and Vascular Surgery Revisited

Michael Lowy
Sydney Men's Health, Dr

Chi Can Huynh
Sydney Men's Health, Urologist

Shock wave therapy using acoustic sound waves creates angiogenesis. This new treatment is useful for vasculogenic ED in older men where PDE5 inhibitors may be losing their effectiveness or as a means of dispensing with their use. The younger man with documented veno-occlusive dysfunction who may respond poorly to PDE5 inhibitors, now has access to a modern vein stripping procedure that has a much higher success rate than the v... read more

Older Women’s Sexuality

Dr Margaret Redelman OAM
Private Practice, Medical Sexologist

Around half of the world's population is female so in talking about older women's sexuality we are discussing many individuals. To a great extent female sexuality even in the 21st century is viewed through the male lens with critique and expectation. Older women are not seen as suitable sexual partners especially once past menopause. Given that we are living longer and with the expectation of an ever improving quality of lif... read more

Redefining Later-Life Sexuality

Ashley Macleod
ACU, Research Assistant

Current research provides clear evidence that sexuality continues to be an important factor in quality of life beyond the age of 50, even as sexual functioning declines. This presentation provides a review of the literature that has examined the nature of sexuality in later life, and examines the implications of these findings for professionals working with older people. Despite the evidence indicating that the experience of s... read more

Sexual Dysfunction: Sex Therapy Complex Case Workup

Mary Hodson
Sex Therapy New Zealand, Regional Director Wellington and the Central North Island

This presentation details the sex therapy provided for an extremely busy young couple working their way through acquired vaginismus and likely pre-menopausal hypo-sexual Desire Disorder. It discusses the complicated psychological and psychosocial background to the problem. The back ground included, preexisting insecure attachment disorder, a learned passive communication style, pervading religious indoctrination limiting fema... read more

Sexuality and Diversity – Bending Rules and Breaking Duals

Philip Patston
Diversity New Zealand Ltd, Founder/Managing Director

Philip Patston used to talk a lot about being disabled and gay in relation to sexuality, usually lamenting the challenges of getting laid and having a partner. Now, at 48, he's bored with whinging, happily single and polyamorous – and instead challenges undisputed traditions like coupledom, monogamy, marriage and shared bank accounts. He also enjoys raising ire and eyebrows by questioning the sense of marriage equality. ... read more

Workshop – How to Talk About Sex For Practitioners

Tanya Koens
Surry Hills Therapy, Sex Therapist

Workshop Synopsis This workshop will cover • Why talk about sex? • When to bring up sex? • Practical tips and techniques on how to talk about sex • What to do when your or your client feels embarrassed • Desire and Arousal systems • The Physiology of Pleasure • Sexual issues in relationships today • Discussions of Client Presentations Tanya’s focus is on conscious and authentic relating. Her appr... read more